Graphic Design Services

We have rapidly become a visual society; products with the best packaging and ads with the best design catch our eye and influence our purchase decisions. For most small businesses, hiring an in-house graphic designer is not cost effective. That's where our design services come in handy.

What Can We Do?


Restaurant Menus

Web/Print Ads


Posters & Banners

In-Store Signage

Business Cards

Other Graphics


General Design$50/hour
Design Adaptation ?Design adaptation is the adjustment of an existing design to fit new needs. For instance, changing the information on business cards for new employees would be considered design adapation. More complex adjustments (such as updating restaurant menus) are billed hourly.$10

Typical Project Hours & Pricing

The following are average price estimates for common projects. Every project is unique; yours may take more or fewer design hours than listed below. These prices are meant to be a ballpark estimate. Click the button below to discuss your project requirements for a better estimate.

Project type# Design HoursPrice
Business Card1-2$50-100
Poster (Print)2-3$100-150
Company Logo2-5$100-250
Restaurant Menu3-5$150-250

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